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Who We Are!

Mighty Warriors Inc is registered as a charity under the Australian charities and not-for-profits commission and also  registered under the association incorporation reform in Victoria. We run charity work such as giving to the needy and reaching out to the homeless in Australia, and mostly in the affected places such as Africa and Asia. 


The mission of the Mighty Warriors Incorporation is to provide better world for humans, by all means reaching out to people that are hurt mentally, physically and spiritually, reaching out to places/ countries that are affected by natural disasters. providing training and equipping young people for the future

General Information
Mighty Warriors Ministries is a group for young men of God who are serious about doing the will of God and want to live by the spirit. The reason the group started was to bring young people together train them built them up equip and prepare them then send them out do the will of God, which is to go evangelise out in the streets.

Not for profit organisation

(1) The Association must not distribute any surplus, income or assets directly or indirectly to its members.

(2) Sub rule (1) does not prevent the Association from paying a member—

(a) Reimbursement for expenses properly incurred by the member; or

(b) For goods or services provided by the member—

if this is done in good faith on terms no more favourable than if the member was not a member.